My Granny

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This is my granny, Elizabeth Cathleen Petty. She was born February 25, 1932 in Lattie Hall, Georgia. She was the second child of Benjamin Harper Petty and Ruby Eillia Baker. She had three brothers and five sisters.

Lib, as she was known, married Odell Butler on February 20, 1949. They had a daughter, Elizabeth Ann (my Mother) on November 7, 1949. On October 31, 1959, my uncle, Kenneth Odell, was born.  Odell was killed on October 23, 1965. Lib married Cullen Pierce "Bud" Baney on February 19, 1969.

Mother, Daddy, me and my brother lived next door to Granny and Grandpa Bud until she died. I was about as spoiled as any child could be. I was the only grandchild for 6 years, so you can just imagine how spoiled I was. Between Granny, Bud (which is what I called him), and my Daddy, I pretty much got what I wanted.

This is a picture of Granny and Bud holding me when I was a baby. I know she was very proud of her little granddaughter.

This is Easter of 1973. I was always right by my Granny.

The one thing I really remember about Granny was that she loved being outside. She was always planting flowers or working our butts off in her huge garden that she always had.

The one thing I got from my Granny was the shoes and purses addiction. Granny had a different pair of shoes for every outfit she had and a purse to match it. I used to have numerous pairs of shoes, but I've kinda cut down on that some. I still like buying a new purse every so often though.

This is a picture of me, Granny, and my brother, Jamie.

Granny died May 21, 1980 at the Medical University in Charleston, South Carolina. She had a stroke and the doctors were having a hard time getting her blood thick enough to clot, but thin enough to go through the artificial valves in her heart that she had put in when she was in her mid 30's. I can still remember that day. She was 48 years young. Now that I'm grown up and have kids of my own, I wished that she could have seen them. My Mother and I joke about how if she was still alive, it would be Granny and Ms. Ann. I'm sure Granny would have had my kids down right rotten!

My Granny was the best Granny in the world. I hope she knows how much she was loved and how much she is missed!

I Love You Granny!


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